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Enroll America


13880809284_00d2a1e8fc_oAfter the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, Enroll America was founded to help implement this new legislation by providing national healthcare outreach and education. At that time, there was immense interest in enrolling as many people as possible in health care – and there were many opportunities for funding at the national and state level.

One of Enroll America’s greatest strengths as an organization – its national scale – was also a challenge for its fundraising team: its team of three needed to research, prospect and pursue grants at national, state and local levels across the country.

Enroll America was looking for a part-time grant writing consultant and Elevate was a natural fit. Elevate was able to provide immediate support, helping Enroll America’s grant writing team keep up with its executive team’s strong cultivation efforts.


12863722765_6c88b2e524_oInitially, while national and state foundations made meaningful investments in large-scale ACA outreach and education, Elevate helped Enroll America with its reports and proposals to these funders. Its added capacity helped them stay on top of the large grant volume.

More recently, the national approach to enrollment has shifted, with funders recognizing new needs to invest in Medicaid expansion, focus on health insurance literacy, and engage the hardest-to-reach communities. Enroll America’s fundraising strategy has had to shift as a result, to pursue more local and state grants. In response, Elevate has helped Enroll America pursue smaller and first time funders that their core grant writing team would not be able to seek.

Moreover, Enroll America’s organizational strategy shifted from implementation to capacity building at the state and local level. As Enroll America’s programs have changed, Elevate helped them explain their added value to donors in new ways, articulating them as a natural evolution of their programs in response to changing conditions.

Bringing our grants perspective to their work, we were able to work together with Enroll America’s Data and Analytics team to identify which metrics best show the organization’s impact. This helped them make a more convincing case to donors.


Elevate wrote renewal grants for Enroll America’s biggest funders while they were transitioning their program focus from field outreach to local capacity building. With Elevate, Enroll America won renewal grants from funders like Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation, The Colorado Health Foundation, and the Houston Endowment, which helped them transition from field outreach to local capacity building.

About the Organization

Enroll America is the nation’s leading health care enrollment coalition. An independent nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, Enroll America works with more than 6,700 partners in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to create cutting-edge tools, analyze data, inform policy, and share best practices in service of its mission: maximizing the number of Americans who enroll in and retain health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Service Details
Health, Advocacy & Policy
Started with Elevate
July 2014
Washington, DC
Annual Budget
Approximately $10.9M

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Elevate greatly helped us add capacity when we needed it the most. As the fundraising environment around the ACA shifted, we relied on Elevate to help us continue to prospect local foundations where we had a local presence and produce proposals as our Development team focused on cultivation. Even though they were only part-time support, they were able to understand, organize and leverage key details of our program and operation to turn around written products in a short time frame. Additionally, Elevate's team almost always says "yes," even when we are asked for something complex/very quickly/without a ton of guidance. That "can do" attitude is one of my favorite parts of doing business with them.

Remy Onstad
Senior Development Advisor
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