Here’s what our clients are saying:

Elevate is proud to bring excellent writing, attention to detail, teamwork, thought partnership, and much more to our work with organizations across the nonprofit sector. Here’s what our clients have to say about what it’s like to work with us.

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NewRoot Learning Institute

After 25 years of service, our organization has undergone a significant evolution to better cater to the evolving needs of our schools and communities. Thanks to Elevate’s unwavering support, we’ve successfully crafted messaging that resonates seamlessly with our core mission and deeply-held values. Moreover, we’ve sharpened our focus on the urgent necessity for restorative justice in schools, empowering us to forge meaningful connections with new funding partners.

Rosa Zamora
Chief of Partnership Development


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Arginase 1 Deficiency Foundation

Our Elevate grant writer did a great job and was clearly a professional. She was easy to work with and guided us through the process of developing our proposal from start to finish. We had a fantastic experience with Elevate.

Christine Zahn
Founder and Director


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Latino Community Foundation

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Elevate. They are professional, organized, and incredibly effective at telling our story to our funding partners. I’d recommend the OWR service to any organization that needs a boost in capacity to write grant proposals and reports.



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Stamford Cradle to Career

Elevate has truly become a part of our team. I appreciate the trust that we have developed over time; we have conversations in which we respectfully push and pull one another in a way that is making us more strategic and competitive for grant funding.

Edith Presley


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Center for Caregiver Advancement

The Elevate team brings deep knowledge of the grants process, effective systems for collecting information, and exceptionally strong writing to each Writing Capacity Project. We have moved further with Elevate in a shorter period of time than we have with any other fundraising model we have tried thus far.

corinne eldridge
president & ceo
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First Up

With Elevate’s support, we have increased the quality and output of our grant writing. The Elevate team has developed a keen understanding of our organization and our work. With their strategic expertise, data tracking, and compelling writing, we have seen a significant increase in grant funding. This was especially critical in light of the unique challenges early childhood education professionals faced during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carol Austin
Executive Director
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Calvary Women’s Services

When we had a temporary vacancy on our team, Elevate’s Ongoing Writer Retainer service met our grant writing capacity needs. Elevate was invested in our success in a genuine way, and it was a gift to have a fresh perspective on our grant language.

Heather Laing
Chief Development Officer
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Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice

From the beginning, Elevate helped me understand the time and steps it would take to grow our grants program to support the growth of our organization. With their consistent support to research and cultivate new funders and develop new ways to talk about our work to philanthropic partners, we’ve seen our hard work pay off in the form of new funder relationships and increased revenue.

Jesse Kohler
Executive Director
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Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative

Through a Grants Accelerator Project, the Elevate team taught us how to put our best foot forward to request the funding we need to make a difference. We learned strategies to garner authentic interest in our work and techniques to translate that into financial support to help us accomplish our goals. Elevate is the perfect name for the company, because they truly “elevated” our thinking!

Vanessa Lambright
Organizational Effectiveness and Special Projects Manager
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Dog Tag, Inc.

As Dog Tag continues to grow, Elevate plays a vital part in our success. I am immensely grateful for the Elevate team’s professionalism, timeliness, and overall rockstar quality in their work. I feel so confident in this grants team that I am able to focus on other key responsibilities.

Lindsay Walls 
Director of Development 
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Dance Makers

Elevate is my go-to grant writing partner. We’ve worked with a variety of writers that are responsive, detail-oriented, and have helped me raise a significant amount of funding through grants over the years.

Robin pitts 
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Children’s Law Center

Our Elevate team is like an extension of our staff—seamlessly working with our development team, program directors, finance staff, and senior leadership to sustain and expand our support from local and national funders.

Brian Shook
Chief Development Officer
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American Forests

We originally brought Elevate on to help us rethink our foundation strategy and add this missing leg of the stool to diversify our revenue streams. As an ambitious organization — with plans to grow and the right leadership in place to do it — American Forests was in need of expert advice and grant writing capacity to help us meet our goals. The Elevate team quickly became essential to our fundraising operation. We have been impressed with the quality of their research and writing, their ability to quickly learn and translate our programs into effective proposals, and their systems approach that keeps us all on track.

Jennifer Broome
FORMER Vice President of Philanthropy
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LA Voice

I appreciate the way my Elevate team not only writes strong proposals, but also helps me to consider the bigger picture of how each funding opportunity fits into our overall strategy. They are informed, accessible, organized, and they are excellent writers. I have come to think of Elevate as an extension of our staff.

Janice Johannsen
Development Manager
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Children’s Institute

Working with Elevate has been wonderful. The team is stellar — organized, prepared, and very communicative. In the beginning, they took the time to get accustomed to our grant language, and now we rarely edit Elevate’s drafts. Plus, Elevate’s all-inclusive pricing model is very economical when compared to the hourly rates of other contractors we’ve used.

Ian Ryen
Vice President of Impact Investment
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Union Station Homeless Services

Elevate is a great thought partner. I consider them critical members of my development team. Working with Elevate has expanded our grants portfolio and increased our foundation revenue.

Dana Bean
Former Chief Development and Communications Officer 
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Elevate has been a key collaborator and thought-partner in our external communications as our small yet nimble nonprofit continues to grow. Their team of experts has been instrumental in our efforts to connect with foundations dedicated to supporting our work to protect our coasts and ocean.

Celia Solis
Director of Operations
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Smith Kingsmore Syndrome Foundation

Working with Elevate has been a very smooth process from start to finish. Our writer’s professionalism and strength of writing proved instrumental in gaining the trust of the collaborators on our application and kept us organized and on track to submit this project early. Their approach took a truly respectful and collaborative approach to make everyone feel heard. The finished proposal has accomplished my aims of communicating a clear story of our work and answering the questions specifically with an eye for building our case as to why we should be funded.

Kristen Groseclose
President & Co-Founder
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Friends of Guest House

Compared to other companies we considered, Elevate offered the most comprehensive support. I’ve been pleased to see that they’ve delivered on that comprehensive approach! We didn’t want to hire and train someone to work on grants internally, since grant writing is not our expertise. Working with Elevate means we don’t have to worry about that.

Kari Galloway
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Fayetteville Justice For Our Neighbors

The webinar was pretty fantabulous! As the part-time/contract Grant Writer for a small nonprofit, I really appreciated Elevate for taking the time to offer this free training. I realized how much I have to learn, and the webinar showed me there’s a great deal of potential in developing an actual Grants Program (even in my somewhat limited capacity). I’m super looking forward to putting some ideas into action. This webinar will be a key element in helping us grow our reach (and our coffers).

Josh McKinley
Grant Writer
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Get Volunteering

The Elevate team is professional, competent, and easy to work with. Throughout the Grants Accelerator Project, Elevate pushed me to think about my organization’s work in ways that I hadn’t before. The result is that I am now much more confident in the story we have to tell our funding partners. Investing in a GAP was money well spent.

Executive Director
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Women’s Action for New Directions

The Elevate team is wonderful. They are organized, detail-oriented, and collaborative. I’m impressed by how they work together so seamlessly and how much I look forward to time spent working with them on our grant program.

FORMER Executive director
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Imagine LA

Not only did Elevate help Imagine LA break the $1M grant funding ceiling for the first time, they are a true partner: actively working with us to achieve new levels of strategy, expertise, and clarity in terms of how we talk and write about our ever-evolving organization — and always in the service of our mission to break the cycle of family poverty and homelessness.

FORMER Community Engagement Director


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JFS Cincinnati

While we have been working with Elevate for several years, their value to the organization became even more clear when we faced a departure on our internal development team. The continuity, strategic expertise, strong writing, and detailed data tracking that the Elevate team brings to our partnership ensures that our grants program remains steady through this period of transition. Elevate has become central to our mission.

Liz Vogel
Executive Director
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Equal Justice Works

During a year of significant transition for our organization, Elevate was an amazing partner! The Grant Writer on our Elevate team was skilled at understanding our work and framing our proposals in a compelling, successful way. Elevate is definitely one of the best contractors we have worked with.

Michele Crosby
Director of Foundation Relations


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Remember Niger Coalition

The Elevate team regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that Remember Niger is well positioned for foundation support. The team is professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about the work we do. With their partnership, I know we are pursuing a fundraising strategy that is setting us up for long-term success.

Kara VanderKamp
Executive Director
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PFLAG National

Elevate has been incredible to work with. They have taken the time to get to know us, understand the work that we do, and translate our programs into successful proposals. I am often skeptical of consultants, but with Elevate, I am getting 110%.

Maggie Ardiente
Director of Development
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GALA Hispanic Theatre

Elevate has changed my life as an Executive Director, who was the organization’s principal fundraiser for decades. We experienced continual turnover in the development department, and I was always picking up the pieces. Now, Elevate has helped us cultivate numerous new sources of funding, making it possible for me to focus on securing deep-pocket individual donors.

Rebecca Medrano
Executive Director
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Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia

When we came to understand the need for a dedicated grants professional to complete our development team, we initially planned to make an internal hire. Despite a long search, we were unable to find the right individual to lead our institutional giving efforts, and we decided to go with Elevate. Looking back, we couldn’t be happier with this decision. Instead of one staff person, with Elevate we have a whole team of people who write grants, mine the field for new opportunities, and manage the administrative work of our grants program. It’s great bang for your buck. With Elevate’s support, we have raised millions of dollars and built a diverse and sustainable grants program.

Pia Eisenberg
Senior Vice President of Community Engagement
David Rosenberg
Senior Vice President of Programs and Strategy
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The Theatre Lab

With Elevate, you get a crew of dedicated, incredibly knowledgeable professionals who become a high-level strategy team for your organization. My conversations with our Elevate team have resulted not only in winning proposals, but also in re-envisioning some of the work that we do in the community to better fit with our own strategic objectives.

Deb Gottesman
Executive Director
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NOVA Scripts Central

When I became the ED of our organization, one of the first decisions I made was to hire Elevate. I spent time researching and vetting grant writers and services. Elevate was not only the most responsive and engaging, but they also proved to be the most economical. The Elevate team has been instrumental in the success of our grants program. The team is very knowledgeable, and working with Elevate has helped me become a better ED with their thoughtful insight.

Donney John
Executive Director
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Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

With Elevate, I know that I have a stellar team that is constantly thinking strategically about the organization and how to position us for success with grants. They write about our work in a way that is exciting to read, and we have brought in more funding with Elevate because we’ve partnered to make our best possible case to funders.

Kimberly T. Henderson
Executive Director