Workshops for Individuals

At Elevate, we believe in Getting Better at Everything, All the Time. We provide webinars to the public, created and led by our team of grant writing experts, to support nonprofit professionals in building their fundraising toolbox.

Two learning collections are offered to provide hyper-practical experiences for folks with different learning goals.

Learning Collection 1: How to Prepare Expert Grant Applications

Are you tasked with writing your first grant, or are you looking for strategies to boost your chances of securing grant funds? The sessions in this collection will help you develop high-quality, well-researched, and winning grant applications no matter where you are in your grant writing journey!

The first training in this series, How to Write Your First Grant, teaches you about the in-depth planning and strategy needed to develop successful proposals, as well as how to answer the most common grant application questions. Plus, it’s free!

Each subsequent training builds on this foundational training to offer you advanced skills and resources to strengthen key aspects of your applications–financials, empowering language, and outcomes!

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Learning Collection 2: How to Build a Sustainable Grant Program

Are you leading a development team for the first time, or responsible for creating a more strategic and sustainable plan for your organization’s grants program? This learning collection will give you access to the knowledge, tools, and skills to create a sustainable institutional grants strategy for your organization.

The first training in this series, How to Build a Sustainable Grant Program, teaches you about the grant cycle and what is involved in grant writing and developing a grants program. Each subsequent training builds on this (free!) foundational training to offer you advanced skills and resources that you will need to be successful at each stage of the grant cycle, and to adjust as needed for future growth and sustainability in this complex revenue stream.

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Introduction to Federal Grant Opportunities

This training is an introduction to federal grants, including the basic terminology and where to find opportunities, how to read federal funding opportunities, and what information you need to gather to determine if an opportunity is right for your organization. Topics covered will include:

  • Common terminology
  • Registrations and Obtaining your Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number
  • How to find federal grant opportunities
  • How to “read” a federal grant opportunity
  • Where to go for more information
  • How to decide if a federal funding opportunity is a good fit
  • Common federal application components


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