Grants Accelerator Project

Elevate’s Grants Accelerator Project is designed to help launch your first grants program or expand your efforts to pursue grants

It provides a jump-start to building out a grants calendar you can actually execute. We provide research and coaching to prepare you for outreach to funders. We create or refine language about your organization and its programs that is aligned with the expectations of institutional funders, such as a compelling description of your community need and measurable outcomes. Finally, we make recommendations for next steps, which set you up for success when you submit proposals on your own.

The Grants Accelerator Project is ideal for nonprofits with little to no grant history, those in the early stages of a comprehensive fundraising plan, and well-established organizations looking to expand into new programmatic or geographic areas.

Planning, Strategy, and Recommendations

We’ll begin our engagement by reviewing your existing documents, holding an onboarding meeting to discuss goals, and creating a work plan. We’ll listen to the vision you have for your organization’s growth and determine the best way to align your grants activities to that vision. At the end of the project, we’ll prepare recommendations about how to strengthen your case for funding and provide next steps. We will also share learning tools to help you continue to research opportunities, make connections with funders, and submit proposals on your own.

Identification & Funder Research

Elevate will conduct research on new funding opportunities and prepare 1-2 page memos on high-quality and high-priority targets.

Grant Language

Elevate will review existing materials, discuss your program design, and work with you to create or refine the language you use to present your organization to funders. We will draft either a Case Statement or a Grant Proposal Template during the four-month period. A Case Statement answers all the standard questions you will find in a grant: information about your organization and its leadership, an overview of your programs, strategies, and activities, clear data about the people you serve, and details about your organization’s impact. Alternately, and based on the outcomes of your Elevate team’s prospect research, we can prepare a Grant Proposal Template. A Grant Proposal Template covers much of the same content in a concise format that draws upon the most common grant application questions we see in our work with clients.

A Note About Pricing

There is a total fee of $16,000 for a four-month Grants Accelerator Project.