Writing Capacity Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic is uniquely impacting nonprofits by increasing the need for services and prompting opportunities for emergency funding, while reducing organizational capacity.

Elevate is here to help! Our Writing Capacity Projects provide fast support that can help organizations pursue new rapid response opportunities, or alleviate staffing vacancies due to leave.

Elevate’s Writing Capacity Projects provide the know-how and extra capacity to help nonprofits pursue large grant opportunities, or manage a staffing gap.

Whether our clients want to apply for a large grant, or a series of grants during a staffing crunch or busy season, we provide the boost in capacity needed to add these extra projects to an already-full grant calendar.

Our writers have experience writing winning grants for a variety of government agencies and private foundations, across a range of issue areas, and specialize in getting up to speed quickly to write about your work and goals.

Our Process

We provide a dedicated grant writer to draft and submit proposals, based on your organization’s needs. Unlike our Comprehensive Grant Writing Services, these projects focus exclusively on proposal drafting, editing, and submission — meaning added efficiency, at an affordable price point.

Your Elevate writer will set you up for success from the start of your engagement by:
  • Carefully reviewing proposal guidelines and requirements
  • Scheduling a kickoff call to discuss the project and timeline together
  • Introducing you to Elevate’s processes and systems
  • Creating a workplan that establishes key dates for each step of the project and assigns responsibilities
  • Drafting and editing the proposal narrative and abstract or summary, including up to 3 rounds of revision.
  • Reviewing attachments such as organizational charts, logic models, and letters of support. (Note: client is typically responsible for the budget and budget narrative.)
  • Submitting the final proposal.
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