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Our colleague, Erin Thorndike, wheatpasting about town with @halliemess_

#LifeAtElevate #RemoteWork
Our very own @halliemess_, out and about the town!

#LifeAtElevate #RemoteWork
This is an oldie, but also a goodie. We had to share this story from our colleague, Alix Rosenfeld.

Last month, Alix  escaped with her fiancé for an epic April Fool's prank—a fake wedding! 🤯

Elevate does not endorse any sort of April Fools shenanigans, but since it's May now - we figured it's safe to post this. Viva Las Vegas! #LifeAtElevate

Thank you for the submission @alixrose89!
From our colleague, Sam Murphy:

"The benefits of a flexible, remote work life? If you sign on just a little bit early you can enjoy a beautiful mid-day walk in the woods!"

We agree, Sam!

#LifeAtElevate #RemoteWork
Heaven 😌
#LifeAtElevate #RemoteWork
From our colleague, Bri Tabatabaee: 
"Not all of Oklahoma is flat! #LifeatElevate means when spring arrives early, you take the day off and go on a hike with your husband!"
Sounds like a perfect day 💐🌳🍃
This spring, make like our colleague @halliemess_ and go for a little forest bathing while you work. 

Every year, Elevate staff receives new merch! Here is our colleague, Jessica Culverhouse, rocking the new zip-up! #LifeAtElevate
Working remotely means having the flexibility to take (chilly) lunch breaks at the dog park. (And peep our colleague, Raquel Braemer, rocking her new Elevate merch!)

#LifeAtElevate @rabraemer
This is a reminder: Get out and enjoy the sun, spring is nigh!

Sending you all ❤️ from our colleagues Nanu Gelda and Janelle Kennedy!

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#LifeAtElevate update from our President and CEO, Alayna Buckner!

"On a relaxing but brisk walk on Neptune Beach after a long day of team meetings!"
It's the last day of February, and we didn't do any Valentine's Day posts! But, in the spirit of love and #LifeAtElevate we wanted to share this gem from our colleague, Jessica Culverhouse.

What sorts of gifts do you like to receive for Valentine's Day?
"Hey Kripa Auntie, I'm so grateful for flexible scheduling and remote work. It lets me preen for you during the work day while my own mom is away!" 

- Keegan (he/him), our colleague Kripa Patwardhan's *cousin's* cat. 

#LifeAtElevate #CatsOfElevate
Oh no... There's a cat... on my desk... blocking access to my laptop...

Guess I can't work now 🥲

Thank you to our colleague, Jayne Francis (@iridescent.fluorescence), who shared this little distraction!

#Mondays #RemoteWork #LifeAtElevate #CatPeopleofElevate
Thank you to our colleague, Elizabeth Posner, for sharing a moment of her family's winter hiking trip. 

#RemoteWork #LifeAtElevate #ProgressisPossible
It is 2024 and we hope to be as audacious as Dillon Robetson, Grant Writer, who #Elevated to the summit of Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador this past December!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

#LifeAtElevate highlights today's special anniversary: Grant Specialist Jaime Paige Pierce (@jpjames__) and Rahini celebrate one year together! 

Jaime adopted Rahini from @citydogsrescue, which rescues animals in overcrowded, under-resourced shelters. If you're looking for a new fur baby and live in the DC metro area, check them out! #HappyAnni to Jaime and Rahini! 🥳