Life At Elevate

"Hey Kripa Auntie, I'm so grateful for flexible scheduling and remote work. It lets me preen for you during the work day while my own mom is away!" 

- Keegan (he/him), our colleague Kripa Patwardhan's *cousin's* cat. 

#LifeAtElevate #CatsOfElevate
Oh no... There's a cat... on my desk... blocking access to my laptop...

Guess I can't work now 🥲

Thank you to our colleague, Jayne Francis (@iridescent.fluorescence), who shared this little distraction!

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Thank you to our colleague, Elizabeth Posner, for sharing a moment of her family's winter hiking trip. 

#RemoteWork #LifeAtElevate #ProgressisPossible
It is 2024 and we hope to be as audacious as Dillon Robetson, Grant Writer, who #Elevated to the summit of Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador this past December!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

#LifeAtElevate highlights today's special anniversary: Grant Specialist Jaime Paige Pierce (@jpjames__) and Rahini celebrate one year together! 

Jaime adopted Rahini from @citydogsrescue, which rescues animals in overcrowded, under-resourced shelters. If you're looking for a new fur baby and live in the DC metro area, check them out! #HappyAnni to Jaime and Rahini! 🥳
#LifeAtElevate means opportunities to casually summit MOUNT CHIMBORAZO in Ecuador! 

Grant Writer Dillon Robertson has ELEVATED to great heights -- *20,500 feet* in heights, to be exact. CONGRATULATIONS DILLON! 🎉

What are you doing during your winter break?
Some of us are grateful for that fuzzy co-worker who always checks-in to ask "Working hard or hardly working?"


Thank you, @jacquelin-giacobbe, director, for the submission!
We were so busy today that we worked through lunch! 
Does this count as a business expense? 🤔
Working between holidays had us like... 

(Thank you to Jaime Roscoe for this submission!)
I'm not crying... no... 

Our staff is just 😭

Thank you to Samantha Murphy, Supervising Director, for thinking of us. We are grateful for YOU!

#LifeAtElevate #ThanksFromElevate
This is your sign to be completely adorable and MATCH 💫YOUR 💫TEAMS💫!
Thank you to Bethany Moore, Grant Writer, for this sartorial submission 😁

(and before you ask, no, it was not planned)
You know it's hump day when you forego the desk and grab yourself a furry co-worker to get you through the work! #remotework #LifeAtElevate
Almost a week later, we are still celebrating #ElevateAt10 😂🎉👏

More photo dumps and videos to come!

PROVIDER'S COUNCIL 2023! What an exhilarating adventure this was, and thank you to Francesca D'Andrea, Director, for making this video of her experiences. #LifeAtElevate

Did you happen to catch us in Boston?
*In our best Patti LuPone* "Here's to the ladies who lunch!"

Featuring Johnisha Levi (Senior Grant Writer and Content Creator) and Jaclyn Kaiser (Supervising Director)

Associate Director & Senior Grant Writer Rebecca Sellers is watching her laundry AND a client meeting from last week! 

Elevate uses tools such as Zoom for recording every client meeting and creating transcripts to create a superior client experience and support our fully remote staff. That's #LifeAtElevate
#LifeAtElevate means slipping away from work to cram in a session of GOAT YOGA!!!
Just ask Grant Writer, Bri Hinojosa Tabatabaee, about her experience with them 😊
#DidYouKnowThat Elevate has a book club?
This past session, the club met to discuss "Decolonizing Wealth" by Edgar Villanueva. FYI - Alix's book is on her computer, hence why she is holding her cat 🐈
And that's #LifeAtElevate