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Thank you Hallie Messenger, Supervising Director of Finance & Operations, for sharing your wonderful Scandinavian adventures with us! 🤩🤩🤩

#RemoteWork, inspiring clients, and amazing individuals like Hallie. That's #LifeAtElevate
"My telecommuting option of choice!"
Today's #LifeAtElevate update is from project coordinator Kripa Patwardhan. Thanks for sharing Kripa!
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#LifeAtElevate update from Supervising Director, Sam Murphy! Sam has been on maternity leave taking care of baby Amelia. AREN'T THEY SO PRECIOUS? 😍 
(And that Elevate onesie tho ❤️‍🔥)
Happy Monday! ❤️‍🔥
One of the best ways to get back into the swing of the workweek is a tall glass of cold coffee at one of our favorite local establishments. 

And that's #LifeAtElevate

(Thank you to Rebecca Sellers, Associate Director and Senior Grant Writer, for the submission!)
It's a #WorkFromHome mentality that's giving us life as we enjoy the low summer before Autumn peers around. 

Thank you to Raquel Braemer (@rabraemer ) for this sunny, blissful update. 

Another snapshot from Hallie's Scandinavian Adventure! 
Where has your remote working taken you?

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Happy Labor Day!
May your long weekend be as relaxing as this Norwegian fjord that our very own Hallie Messenger snapped. #LifeAtElevate
Today's post comes from Courtney Moran, Director of Business Development & Senior Director. 

"Elevate's remote work policy has made it possible for me to work from the beach most of this summer! My husband, daughter, and I hit the beach most evenings after work. Lots of snacks and blueberries are required by the little one! 😁"

And that's #LifeAtElevate
On this edition of #LifeAtElevate, some of our staff was at the DC Department on Disability Services (DDS), Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Career Day on 8/2! 

Did you know that before Elevate went completely remote, we were founded and based in DC?
Happy Monday friends! We are all feeling like a cat walking in front of a webcam today. 

In between meetings, Elevators casually hunt for Korok seeds and farm dragons. 🎮
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Wh-what do you mean you have another meeting!? #LifeAtElevate
Hello from Erin Thorndike, Associate Director of Data & Technology!

"I am excited to be working as a Precinct Election Official for the third time during the Ohio Special Election on August 8th!" Says Erin. "This is a great time to check if you are registered to vote in your location."

Thanks for the reminder Erin! 🤩

Did you know that a benefit of working at Elevate is our staff has special time off for civic leave? A healthy workforce is only as healthy as its democracy! 
And that's #LifeAtElevate
#ThrowbackThursday to when a team accidentally showed up to a meeting...all wearing our company's brand... 

Astoundingly, this was *not* planned 😅.

(Hey, when the merch is free, it's free!) 
#LifeAtElevate means changing up the workspace every once and a while!

Today's update is from Elizabeth Posner, Director of Business Development & Senior Director here at Elevate. She spent her morning working out of a Silver Spring, Maryland cafe.

Where do you like to set up shop when working remotely?
At Elevate, having fun together is important too. Grant writer Carrie Stallings (@cbstallings) invited her daughter to help choose their predictions on the Women's World Cup for our office bracket challenge. Go Team USA! ⚽

Where are you watching the World Cup?

#LifeAtElevate #FIFAWomensWorldCup
#TBT to the first week of July when Elevate closed its office! 😱
That's right, for an entire week, Elevators got some R&R, and they took advantage of it!

Check out Eric Spioch, Supervising Director of Capacity Building Projects, who spent his summer break hiking on the Pinnacle trail in Hamburg, PA! 💪

#RemoteWork #LifeAtElevate
It's SUMMER TIME ya'll! ☀️😎🌻
How are you spending this season?

For Director Deborah Lielasus, she was lucky to attend a Landmarks Illinois event at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago, IL. 🏙️

Working remotely allows for amazing experiences like this one. And that's #LifeAtElevate
When the great outdoors has wifi 🏕️

Looks like vacation is still on the minds of some Elevators like PC, Jayne Francis 😁 

Luckily when one can work almost anywhere, why not enhance  productivity with some summer beauty? ☀️

That's #LifeAtElevate
Happy Monday!

Elevate is back in the office, and Wrigley Pete is doing his own prospect research as he searches for treats in his snuffle mat. 😜

Thanks to Senior Grant Writer Bri Tabatabaee for this fluffy and delightful #LifeAtElevate submission. 🥰