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Bon Hullings Brenchley

Grant Writer
Hometown: Drexel Hill, PA

Bon earned their Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies from Drew University. They were awarded the Bessie Stak Schiffman Award for Excellence in Women’s Studies, awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in both women’s studies academics and campus activism. They continued studying Women’s Studies at the graduate level through San Diego State University. Throughout their Women’s and Gender Studies education, they interned at organizations including the Alice Paul Institute, the Lesbian Herstory Archives, and the Lambda Archives of San Diego. They later worked in the Circulation Department of a public library, where they served on creative development and civic engagement committees. They also led a partnership with a local LBGTQ+ nonprofit to promote its mission by developing library resources and events. They went on to work with a nonprofit serving youth and their families struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges.

These experiences culminated in a deep interest in nonprofit development and fundraising, ultimately leading them to join the team at Elevate. Bon’s grant writing is guided by their commitment to assisting nonprofits of all sizes to both achieve their missions and expand impact. They apply their commitment to nonprofits with visions of social impact for both local communities and broader communities of marginalized individuals and groups. They advocate access, equity, empowerment, and justice — “from margin to center” (bell hooks).

Outside of grant writing, Bon enjoys cooking, writing creative nonfiction, reading nonfiction/memoirs, watching docuseries, and exploring nature. They love listening to the Indigo Girls, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Taylor Swift.


What is your hidden talent?

My hidden talent is definitely my knowledge of Taylor Swift trivia.

What punctuation mark would you be and why?


What is your grammatical pet peeve?

I really appreciate the Oxford comma!

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

My ideal Sunday afternoon would include spending time at home with my wife and three cats watching The Great British Bake-Off and making a nice dinner together!

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