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Carrie Stallings

Grant Writer
Hometown: Southlake, TX

Carrie is passionate about helping nonprofits thrive to serve their communities well. She loves to craft compelling narratives that highlight the positive impact nonprofits make in their communities and the world. Carrie brings her background skills in project management, brand marketing, and customer service to her second career as a grant writer. A former dancer and ballet teacher, Carrie has a passion for the arts and the impact storytelling in all artistic forms has on individuals and communities. She believes strongly that championing equity, justice and embracing our differences makes all communities stronger. Children’s and family issues are causes near to her heart, as is conservation of the environment.

Carrie and her teenage daughter volunteer together at the animal shelter, library, and food pantry through their local National Charity League chapter. She holds a BA in History from the University of Missouri, and has called mid-Missouri, New York City, and Texas home.

In her free time, Carrie enjoys her book club, paddleboarding, Broadway musicals, live music, and traveling.

What is your hidden talent?

I'm a self-taught knitter. I enjoy many kinds of crafting, but knitting as meditation is my jam.

What punctuation mark would you be and why?

A question mark, because I'm curious by nature and always examining things from different perspectives.

What is your grammatical pet peeve?

Their/There/They're confusion

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Reading, board games, and a good movie.

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