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Courtney Moran

Director of Business Development & Senior Director
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Courtney joined the Elevate team in 2017 with a passion for empowering nonprofits to achieve their missions by building effective grants programs to fund their work.

In her role as Director of Business Development, Courtney works with Elevate’s New Client Partnerships team to grow and sustain the company’s partnerships with nonprofits across the country. In her role as a Senior Director, Courtney works with a broad range of direct service clients—including those in the arts, education and youth development, health and human services sectors. She enjoys helping clients to build new grants programs from scratch, launch new programs or expand to new geographies, and develop internal systems and processes that enable organizations to cohesively work across departments to achieve their strategic goals.

Before joining Elevate, Courtney worked in development and communications for a DC-based youth development nonprofit where she led the grants program, writing both public and private grants to support academic, childhood nutrition, and civic engagement programming.

Courtney graduated from Colby College with a BA in Government and International Studies with a focus on Latin America.

In her spare time, Courtney enjoys hiking and skiing, cooking, and exploring DC with her toddler and husband.

What’s your favorite thing to do in DC?

Taking advantage of all of the free things to do — museums, concerts, etc.

What’s your biggest grammatical pet peeve?

Using “I” when it should be “me” — sometimes “me” is correct!

What punctuation mark would be and why?

I would be an Oxford comma – because I find them useful and I don’t know of any other punctuation mark that has its own song.

What book could you read 50 times?

Anything by David Sedaris

What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Cheating on crossword puzzles and rooting for my hometown New England Patriots

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