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Eric Spioch

Supervising Director
Hometown: Westminster, MD

Pronouns: he/him/hers

Eric is a big believer in the power of the written word and sees grant writing as an example of how good writing can have an impact on the world. He manages Elevate’s Writing Capacity Project division and coordinates custom training and workshop opportunities. Eric enjoys working with advocacy organizations working on big picture solutions to problems like climate change, environmental injustice, lgbtq rights, US military spending, and civic engagement. In particular, he excels at building tools and systems to manage workflows, track relationships, and synthesize information.

Eric graduated from McDaniel College with a double degree in Spanish and Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies after spending time in Egypt, Morocco, and Spain. Prior to joining Elevate, Eric honed his grant writing skills at United Palestinian Appeal, where he worked to raise funds for a children’s craniofacial surgery center in the West Bank and a children’s mental health program in Gaza. Before that, he conducted research at the Middle East Institute and the Project on Middle East Democracy.

Eric can often be found playing board games or tinkering with his frozen margarita recipe. He hopes to one day compete on Survivor, but would settle for Big Brother if they called him.

What’s your hidden talent?

I’m really good at, and enjoy, assembling IKEA furniture. My fee for doing so includes one order of Swedish meatballs.

What’s your favorite quotation?

“We do have a lot in common.
The same air, the same Earth, the same sky.
Maybe if we started looking at
what’s the same instead of
always looking at what’s different,
…well, who knows?”
— Meowth

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

I would like to say Zac Efron, but in reality it would probably be more like Michael Cera.

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