Friends of Guest House

Our Elevate team’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail throughout the grant writing process is truly exceptional. From conducting thorough research to crafting compelling narratives and ensuring alignment with the funder’s priorities, Elevate’s efforts have been nothing short of extraordinary. Specifically, we appreciate the team’s  hard work, dedication, and amazing grant writing skills. Elevate’s contributions have made a profound difference in the lives of the women we serve, and we are incredibly fortunate to have such a strong partner in our mission.

Sonja Allen, J .D.
Executive Director


Working with Elevate has been a very smooth process from start to finish. Our writer’s professionalism and strength of writing proved instrumental in gaining the trust of the collaborators on our application and kept us organized and on track to submit this project early. Their approach took a truly respectful and collaborative approach to make everyone feel heard. The finished proposal has accomplished my aims of communicating a clear story of our work and answering the questions specifically with an eye for building our case as to why we should be funded.

Kristen Groseclose
President & Co-Founder