Friends of Guest House

Our Elevate team’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail throughout the grant writing process is truly exceptional. From conducting thorough research to crafting compelling narratives and ensuring alignment with the funder’s priorities, Elevate’s efforts have been nothing short of extraordinary. Specifically, we appreciate the team’s  hard work, dedication, and amazing grant writing skills. Elevate’s contributions have made a profound difference in the lives of the women we serve, and we are incredibly fortunate to have such a strong partner in our mission.

Sonja Allen, J .D.
Executive Director


After 25 years of service, our organization has undergone a significant evolution to better cater to the evolving needs of our schools and communities. Thanks to Elevate’s unwavering support, we’ve successfully crafted messaging that resonates seamlessly with our core mission and deeply-held values. Moreover, we’ve sharpened our focus on the urgent necessity for restorative justice in schools, empowering us to forge meaningful connections with new funding partners.

Rosa Zamora
Chief of Partnership Development


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Elevate. They are professional, organized, and incredibly effective at telling our story to our funding partners. I’d recommend the OWR service to any organization that needs a boost in capacity to write grant proposals and reports.



When we had a temporary vacancy on our team, Elevate’s Ongoing Writer Retainer service met our grant writing capacity needs. Elevate was invested in our success in a genuine way, and it was a gift to have a fresh perspective on our grant language.

Heather Laing
Chief Development Officer

As Dog Tag continues to grow, Elevate plays a vital part in our success. I am immensely grateful for the Elevate team’s professionalism, timeliness, and overall rockstar quality in their work. I feel so confident in this grants team that I am able to focus on other key responsibilities.

Lindsay Walls 
Director of Development 

I appreciate the way my Elevate team not only writes strong proposals, but also helps me to consider the bigger picture of how each funding opportunity fits into our overall strategy. They are informed, accessible, organized, and they are excellent writers. I have come to think of Elevate as an extension of our staff.

Janice Johannsen
Development Manager

Elevate is a great thought partner. I consider them critical members of my development team. Working with Elevate has expanded our grants portfolio and increased our foundation revenue.

Dana Bean
Former Chief Development and Communications Officer 

Working with Elevate has been a very smooth process from start to finish. Our writer’s professionalism and strength of writing proved instrumental in gaining the trust of the collaborators on our application and kept us organized and on track to submit this project early. Their approach took a truly respectful and collaborative approach to make everyone feel heard. The finished proposal has accomplished my aims of communicating a clear story of our work and answering the questions specifically with an eye for building our case as to why we should be funded.

Kristen Groseclose
President & Co-Founder

Elevate has been incredible to work with. They have taken the time to get to know us, understand the work that we do, and translate our programs into successful proposals. I am often skeptical of consultants, but with Elevate, I am getting 110%.

Maggie Ardiente
Director of Development

When we came to understand the need for a dedicated grants professional to complete our development team, we initially planned to make an internal hire. Despite a long search, we were unable to find the right individual to lead our institutional giving efforts, and we decided to go with Elevate. Looking back, we couldn’t be happier with this decision. Instead of one staff person, with Elevate we have a whole team of people who write grants, mine the field for new opportunities, and manage the administrative work of our grants program. It’s great bang for your buck. With Elevate’s support, we have raised millions of dollars and built a diverse and sustainable grants program.

Pia Eisenberg
Senior Vice President of Community Engagement
David Rosenberg
Senior Vice President of Programs and Strategy