Case Study

Children’s Law Center


When the Children’s Law Center lost both its Director of Development and Grant Writer, it needed to begin a search process for the Director, while also managing its existing grant portfolio during a high-volume grant season. Instead of hiring a full-time and on-site employee, CLC turned to Elevate to help write and submit grants during this period of transition. As a result, it could focus on its hiring efforts on a high-level search for the right person to lead its department.


CLC’s Elevate team began with six weeks of onboarding, by holding weekly meetings, reading CLC’s past grant materials, and interviewing program staff about their work and impact. We were able to get up to speed quickly and began writing and submitting proposals due that month. In addition, we developed a preliminary case statement for their Families First program, which until then, did not have a dedicated funding stream.

Over the next year, Elevate also worked with CLC to build their grant writing systems. We helped create detailed work plans, develop timelines, and draft client stories with the goal of implementing systems to keep their grant program sustainable. CLC’s Chief Development Officer now sees their Elevate team as “an extension of our staff” because we work so closely with departments across the organization.


With Elevate, CLC’s income from grants grew significantly, from $641,269 in the year before to $1,064,850 at the end of their first year with us. In addition, Elevate encouraged CLC to seek national funding. In our first year, Elevate successfully prospected, cultivated, and won funding from The Hearst Foundations, CLC’s first major national funder.

Over time, Elevate’s relationship with CLC has evolved. CLC hired a new Chief Development Officer, with expertise in individual and major donors, so Elevate has continued to play a leadership role in grant strategy, and continued to support CLC’s grant writing and submission. CLC leadership continues to work closely with Elevate to maintain its systems, explore funding streams for evolving programs, cultivate new funders, and steward existing funders.

About the Organization

Children’s Law Center is a Washington, DC based organization that fights so that every child grows up with a loving family, good health, and a quality education. By partnering with hundreds of pro bono lawyers, pediatricians and city leaders, CLC helps more than 5,000 children and their families tackle seemingly insurmountable problems each year

Service Details
Advocacy & Policy, Youth Development
Started Working with Elevate
October 2014
Washington, DC
Operating Budget
Approximately $10.3M

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Our Elevate team is like an extension of our staff—seamlessly working with our development team, program directors, finance staff, and senior leadership to sustain and expand our support from local and national funders.

Brian Shook
Chief Development Officer