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Remember Niger


Remember Niger engaged Elevate for a three-month Grants Accelerator Project (GAP) in early 2018 with the goal of developing a strategy to expand their foundation revenue. The organization came to Elevate with total annual revenues of just under $345,000 and around $11,000 in foundation funding. As a nimble organization employing just one full time and one part time staff member, the Remember Niger team had limited internal capacity to research new funding streams and pursue grants.


During the GAP, the Elevate team set out to identify funders with goals and interests aligned to Remember Niger’s work. The team established a prospect research strategy that resulted initially in the identification of 25 funders with demonstrated interest in the types of program interventions and services, geographic reach, and target population that Remember Niger serves. The Elevate team also created a strong Case Statement, outlining Remember Niger’s history, impacts, and unique value proposition. This document would be used as a building block for several grant proposals. In addition to these deliverables for the GAP project, the Elevate team consulted the points of contact at Remember Niger on a fundraising strategy that would position the organization to
meet its revenue goals. Together we identified our key fundraising challenges, including the fact that there are relatively few funders that are focused specifically on the organization’s geographic footprint of Niger, and that there is a lot of competition for funding in international programs. The fundraising strategy acknowledges these and other internal and external challenges and presents tactics for mitigating them.


Following the successful GAP program, the Remember Niger team opted to engage Elevate for its Comprehensive Grant Writing Services in April 2018. The expanded partnership provided the opportunity to continue working with the Elevate team to implement the strategy developed during the GAP and pursue foundation support.

About the Organization

The Remember Niger Coalition is a small organization focused on mobilizing resources to create opportunities for high quality education for under-resourced groups throughout Niger. Their unique model focuses on collaboration with Nigerien educational institutions, places of worship, and local NGOs to provide quality educational opportunities to all Nigeriens, including girls, those living with disabilities, and other marginalized groups.

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The Elevate team regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that Remember Niger is well positioned for foundation support. The team is professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about the work we do to create educational opportunities in Niger. During our three-month Grants Accelerator Project, the Elevate team teed up several excellent funding opportunities for us and demonstrated their tremendous grant writing skills, a making it a logical choice for us to continue working with them in the long term. With their partnership, I know we are pursuing a fundraising strategy that is setting us up for long-term success.

Kara Vanderkamp
Executive Director