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Arnoldo Mata

Senior Grant Writer
Hometown: Pharr, TX

Arnoldo comes to Elevate after working with a number of nonprofits, small cities, community newspapers and with a regional university. For a couple of years, he even owned a donut shop.

He has worked as a grant writer for organizations working in affordable housing, community health services, literacy, and social services. He has also worked as a city manager, newspaper editor and reporter, and city election director.

Writing has been one of Arnoldo’s passions since he won an essay contest in sixth grade. He has and continues to write short stories, essays and poetry.

He has volunteered with a number of community organizations, including a community theater group, chambers of commerce, a dyslexia and autism support organization, and church groups. He and a friend co-host an occasional podcast focused on regional history.

Arnoldo’s other passions include his family, particularly his grandchildren, and woodworking. He enjoys building tables, shelves, cabinets, and benches, which he gives away to family and friends.

What is your hidden talent?

Listening and interviewing people.

What punctuation mark would you be and why?

The comma because I tend to go on, and on, and on, and on when I’m interested in something.

What is your grammatical pet peeve?

The incorrect use of commas. Commas give order and structure to language. They are essential but must be used correctly.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

I prefer to be at home with family having a barbecue, enjoying the backyard and having a good meal. Of course, time in my workshop is always good, as well.

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