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Eric Lane

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Eric has over 15 years of development experience, working with a plethora of nonprofits. He comes to Elevate after serving as the Director of Development for GID Consulting where he oversaw all stages of grants for the organization. Combined, Eric has helped his clients raise over $10 million in private and federal funding. Prior to his time at GID, Eric served as the Director of Development at California Baptist University, where he worked primarily with the athletics department, helping to raise over $3 million for the unit. Eric has also spent time in fundraising and grant writing roles at the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, The Posse Foundation, Playworks Southern California, Culver-Palms and Westchester Family YMCA, Hoops for Kids International, Voice for Asian Elephants Society, Sarcoma Alliance, Feminist Frequency, and Kids Enjoy Exercise Now. Eric has a passion for working with nonprofit leaders providing a philanthropic lens that helps “elevate” their ability to identify resources for their organizations.

In an effort to enhance his understanding of education, Eric earned a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from California State University, Fresno in May 2022. He has also served on several Board of Directors and volunteers frequently for various organizations.

In Eric’s free time, you can find him spending time with his 4 beautiful children and wife.

What is your hidden talent?


What punctuation mark would you be and why?

Exclamation point because I bring the energy.

What is your grammatical pet peeve?

Misusing their, there, and they're

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Watching sports with family and friends.

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