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Lateefah Morse

Hometown: New Paltz, New York

Lateefah has worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade, with the last seven years working in institutional development. Prior to joining Elevate as a Director, Lateefah has worked at a range of New York City based institutions, from small community-based organizations to nationally renowned nonprofits, including Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the Center for Employment Opportunities, and CaringKind. She also practices Community-Centric Fundraising as a way to examine the roots of philanthropy and explore fundraising strategies grounded in anti-racism, equity, and belonging.

Lateefah graduated from The New School with a MA in Public and Urban Policy. While earning her degree, she had the opportunity to serve as a consultant to various nonprofit clients on pressing policy and management issues. Lateefah earned her BS in Political Science from Clarkson University, minoring in Law. She currently volunteers with Court Watch NYC, a program of the Envision Freedom Fund (formerly Brooklyn Community Bail Fund).

In her free time, Lateefah enjoys reading, practicing yoga, exploring different parts of the city, watching bad reality television, planning for her next vacation, cooking an interesting recipe from NYT Cooking, and honing her ever evolving rotation of hobbies ranging from various crafting projects to dabling in fermentation.

What is your hidden talent?

A new hidden talent of mine is knitting.

What punctuation mark would you be and why?

If I were a punctuation mark, I would be the ellipsis, otherwise known as dot dot dot. Although rarely used in formal writing, I think it is one of many emotive punctuation marks that is fun to use.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is to prepare for the upcoming week and relax.

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